A view from behind the driver of a taxi in Cuba


Up close and worldwide

Research for innovation

intO is a specialist research company, on the ground in every continent, connected up close within established and emerging markets. intO’s teams live in the mix of everyday cultures, researching in-detail and in-context. They discover how local people worldwide really live and think, so intO’s clients can create extraordinary products and services.

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A boy sat on rough ground, drinking bodloni soup from a mug


To the point of need

A satisfying cwtsh of soup

People want be be active participants in the things that matter to them. bodloni is a food-inspired community – created intentionally with people’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of its purposes. School-children, workers, everyday people, old to young, whatever their backgrounds and circumstances, display their heart-felt creativity on bodloni’s packaging – and realise food-related ambitions together.

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A doodle of a sunny face, drawn by finger in the condensation of a window.

Glofa Navigation

A place to BE-genius

After the last truck of coal left the Navigation Colliery, our lives changed forever. It was life that had brought us to Crumlin – the ancient life of dense woodlands that used to enrich our land. That life, energised by sunlight, then buried, like seeds awaiting rebirth transformed into coal. That potential energy, pulsing in its black veins, drew us together – to transfuse its power…

and energy doesn’t die…

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