What we do

We work together with and within businesses to co-create and re-create brand-strategies with design disruption that enhance engagement with our wider world – locally, regionally, nationally and globally.

We build responsive teams for each project by collaborating with inclusivity, empathy, adaptability and flexibility by ‘reimagineering’ business models and objectives that have become obsolete – no longer fit for purpose in a future-facing creative world.

We add value with:

Creative Thinking

We imagine possibilities together

Creative writing

Focuses and inspires our explorations

Creative implementation

We design, prototype, and deliver…

Our values and culture

We’re a diverse team of people at Pawb-Everyone, with empathetic points-of-view that reveal extraordinary and unexpected perspectives. Together with our clients, we generate future-facing co-creativity. Our good ideas form in these collaborative relationships, inspired in conversations, out walking, in cafes, around meal tables – ‘human’ spaces away from places that restrict free-thinking inspiration.

Our creative energies arise from the roots of our personal lives – our relationships, experiences, encounters …resilience. We have come to believe that when we invest ourselves  in one another, when we reflect upon the rich heritages of our lives, when we invite people to share  their diversity, great work follows – technically, aesthetically and in its life-giving effects upon our wider world.

We are learning continually, referring to our academic research, professional insights and day-to-day encounters. We believe that when people become aware of their capabilities, then wide-eyed with wonder, whatever their backgrounds, circumstances or experiences, with care, anyone can contribute to any creative project – for everyone to benefit.

Our ‘studios’ are fluid, responsive people-focused ‘spaces’… wherever in the world.


Angelo Bellandi

Creative Director

Angelo Bellandi has the role of a Creative Director with Pawb-Everyone. He has worked in many different categories of design projects worldwide, which has formed Angelo’s successes in strategic creative-thinking and unique design capabilities. Angelo has been a Creative Director at Wolff Olins, FITCH and Landor. He progressed to becoming Head of Creative for a UK government agency and working with the Nokia Global Brand. Before relocating home to Wales, where he co-founded Pawb-Everyone, Angelo lived and worked in New York, Middle East and India.


Ingrid Patterson

Communication Director

Ingrid Patterson has the role of Communication Director with Pawb-Everyone. She has extensive expertise designing and delivering personal development and work-preparation projects within the third-sector. She has gained a PGCE in post-compulsory education and training – her capabilities having been enhanced by her experience at home raising her children. Her freelance work in proofreading and copy-editing, and her role at Pawb-Everyone, enables Ingrid to share her passion to enable people, organisations and businesses to re-empower their humanity creatively. Ingrid has lived in London for half her life, and has now settled in Wales.


Neil Angove

Strategy Director

Neil Angove is the Project Strategist for Pawb-Everyone. Having gained more than thirty years of expertise in graphic and communication design, and over fifteen years teaching in Higher Education, his creative insight focuses our communication-design strategies upon empathy and self-sustaining creativity. In co-founding Pawb-Everyone, Neil brings his experience working as a studio and freelance-designer for a variety of design agencies, work-place design trainer for local-government organisations and design tutor-lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University.


We bring local and global experience.